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Feng Xiang Rubber Parts Trading was established in July 2000. Combining over 30 years of experience in the rubber industry, our immerse knowledge and excellent service, had served regular
customers from marine and automotive industries, heavy
industries and many other export companies.
Company Vision
To provide an all-rounded service for all industries, we also
import rubber products from various countries giving customers a choice of competitive price over highest quality. Our products range from HOSE, O-RING, MOUNTING, GASKET, EXTRUSIONS etc.
We provide PRODUCT CUSTOMISATION to fit any engineering applications from ROLLERS, BELLOW, SEALS, ENGINE MOUNTING & etc.

We strive to be a one-stop station, providing all rubber products
for all industries.

 • Silicon Extrusion  • PU Roller  • Rubber Sheet  • Automotive Hoses  • Vibration Mounting

  21 Tessensohn Road Singapore 217652
Tel: (65) 6298 2128 / 6392 0239    |    Fax: (65) 6298 2208    |   enquiry@fengxiangrubber.com.sg